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All courses are approved for re-licensure and lane-change credit for teachers. All participants will be awarded a certificate of completion. Sessions held at the SLCA Building, 700 North 200 West.


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Spring 2015

The Skills of the Performer's Mindset
Jon Skidmore, Psy.D., Instructor
May 9th, 3:30 - 5:30 pm

May 16th, 10:00 am - 12:00 noon


•    Create an Optimal Performance Mindset.
•    Challenge negative "Monkey Chatter."
•    Conquer performance anxiety.
•    Prepare mentally for a performance.
•    Perform with confidence.
•    Enjoy performing!

Jon Skidmore, Psy.D., is committed to creating freedom on stage. His goal is to give you the psychological tools and skills you need to step up, take the risk and enjoy performing! He is a performance coach, practicing psychologist, educator, researcher and musician.  He teaches the Psychology of Music Performance at the Brigham Young University School of Music and has a private psychological practice in Orem, Utah.

Course Fee: $15 for a single session, $20 for both




Confident Conducting
Dr. Jane Fjeldsted, Instructor
Mondays, 5:15-6:15 pm

Course begins March 16, 2015

Duration: 8 sessions

Learn to conduct the way you dreamed you could! Feel comfortable and confident in your rehearsal, and help your choir sing expressively. A perfect place to gain new skills, or improve on what you already do. Work on beat patterns, cueing, expressive dynamics, articulation, fermata, and more!  

Course Fee: $110 (before March 16)

$125 at the door

Choir Problem-Solving Tutorials
Dr. Jane Fjeldsted, Instructor
Mondays, 4:30-5:15 pm

Course begins March 30, 2015

Duration: 4 sessions

In addition to the conducting skills class, we are offering tutorials to answer common questions, helping choir conductors plan rehearsals, improve the sound of their ensemble, find just the right music for your particular group or occasion, and much more!

Mar 30 - "They're really sweet, but they can't sing." (warm-ups & singing technique)

Apr 6 - "How do you want that word pronounced?" (beauty & energy of diction)

Apr 20 - "Help! We only have 3 short rehearsals!" (rehearsal techniques/planning)

Apr 27 - "Why can't we sing this 8-part Mack Wilberg song?" (resources and help selecting music)


Course Fee: $15 each, $50 for all four


Group Voice and Musicianship
Dr. Jane Fjeldsted, Instructor
Tuesdays, 6:00-6:50 pm

Course begins March 17, 2015

Duration: 8 sessions

Learn to sing, sight-read, and understand your score all in one class! Group and individual singing, instruction in notation, basic theory, and aural skills. Greater skills will help you make a difference!

Course Fee: $100


Group Voice
Dr. Jane Fjeldsted, Instructor
Wednesdays, 5:00-5:50 pm

Course begins March 18, 2015

Duration: 8 sessions

The group setting allows you to learn both personally, and from others as they apply instruction. It's a powerful impact!

Course Fee: $100

($75 for SLCA Women's Choir Members)

Choir Audition & Performance Preparation


Improve your musicianship by focusing on the skills and knowledge required for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir audition. Learn music theory, aural skills, sight reading, group voice, and how to manage performance anxiety. (Dates/times to be determined by interest. Email


This instruction is not sponsored, endorsed, or approved by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir® and is not a requirement for making an audition bid. You will, however, become a better musician and be prepared to audition for any choral ensemble.



For further information regarding ICA classes, please contact Jane Fjeldsted at