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We’re headed for Disneyland in June 2015 with all families of Young Choral Artists that would like to come and perform!

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More details to come!

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LEARN Techniques of Healthy Vocal Production
DEVELOP the Skills of Musical Literacy
BUILD Confidence, Character & Responsibility
ENJOY the Thrill of Musical Achievement
PERFORM With Other Youth Choirs and the Salt Lake Choral Artists



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YoCA BEGINNERS (K-2): Children learn fundamental folk songs and singing games (based on a 5 tone scale) that will serve as a basis for:
•    learning Curwen’s do-re-mi hand signs
•    locating sol-mi-la on the staff
•    quarter/eighth note rhythm patterns
•    singing in tune as a group

This group will perform once during the holidays and once in May.

YoCA PREP (grades 3 – 4): Students learn folk songs (based on a diatonic scale) to build a strong musician! In rehearsal they will:
•    add do-re and fa to sol-mi-la
•    learn to locate notes on the staff
•    note reading
•    developing inner ear, recognize pitch relationships and rhythms
•    learn music of many lands and genres

This group will perform twice in the fall and twice in the Winter/Spring months.

YoCA ALL BOYS CHOIR (grades 5 – 9): Boys need to be boys and sing music for boys, letting their voices change gradually while singing together. While their voices are yet unchanged they need permission to sing those beautiful high notes that only a "boy’s choir" boy can pick out of the heavens! We’ll be singing about wide open spaces, pirates, sailing the seas, and being on the trail along with some standard classics.
YoCA ALL GIRLS CHOIR (grades 5 – 9): Girls this age need to be able to develop their voices to match their maturing bodies while singing songs that girls often like to sing. “Three Little Maids from School” (from the Mikado) was never intended for boys! As boys become the topic of conversation during this age, girls will learn more and learn better if they aren’t distracted by them!

The ALL BOYS CHOIR and ALL GIRLS CHOIR will sing for Offeratory/Communion service at the St. Ambrose Catholic Church and perform for the SLCA choirs (Men’s Choir, Women’s Choir, Concert Choir and Salt Lake Vocal Artists). We will have a retreat this spring to prepare for our summer trip to Disneyland, and will participate in the SLCA season concerts in December and May.

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NANCY HOPKIN was raised in the Bay Area of California, where she began accompanying in church at the age of 9 and directing children's choirs when she was 12.  While studying at BYU she was privileged to be a member of the A Capella Choir (now BYU Singers) and graduated with her Bachelors degree in Choral Education (1978).  She has choreographed and directed several musicals for students K-12.  Upon relocating to Rexburg, ID, she formed and directed all-boys and all-girls choirs (grades 3 - 9), which were honored to perform in productions at Rick's College/BYU-Idaho and a personal concert for the Governor of Idaho.
Nancy was invited to join the adjunct faculty of BYU-I (2002-2010) to teach music core classes, and Women's Glee, which she thoroughly enjoyed.  Further skills in music teaching were acquired when she became Kodaly Certified (giving her a K-12 endorsement) in 2008.  Since then, her mantra has become, "I teach people; what I do with them is Music."
She is the mother of six nearly perfect children and 4 joyful grandchildren.  She moved to Salt lake in January of 2013, and is deeply honored to have been asked to join SLVA.  Being one of the directors of the Young choral Artists is icing on the cake!

Contact Nancy at: